If you had a rough day overall, or if you experienced something in which you felt attacked, hurt, momentarily lost, frustrated, or anything that tried to steal your joy at all, I have a suggestion for you. It may not make you feel better right away, but it will bring back the joy and peace that Christ intends for us to carry with us wherever we may be at. I had to remember to do this today, so I thought I’d pass it on to you as well. You know, I am constantly in prayer and talking to the Lord, but sometimes I forget to ask for help with the things that are distracting me or bringing me down. Does that happen to you? We can ask – We don’t have to hold that part (the yucky stuff) aside. It really, really is okay! Call upon Him. Not just for the bad stuff, but not for anything but the bad stuff either.

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May the Lord help you to remember that we can bring it ALL to Him. The praise, the worship, the glory, the intercessory prayers for others, and the prayers and cries for help for ourselves in our time of need!

Call Him – Call Him now – Call Him any time.

God is available 24/7. He can take all calls simultaneously – no need for hold or call waiting at all! In fact, He wants us to keep the line open and even stay on it with Him – And again I say: all the time.

Won’t you phone home? Jesus is waiting.



15 thoughts on “24/7

  1. Annie, I liked your thoughts on constant prayer. I’ve always had a silly feeling that I shouldn’t waste God’s time on inconsequential things, like getting to the meeting on time or getting over a cold by Sunday, etc. I always felt I ought to save my prayers for asking for health for my coworker, or peace in my family, or something else important. I KNOW better. I KNOW God is in everything. I just need the reminder.

    • Oh, thank you dear friend. Yes…it’s hard to remember we need to ask for ourselves too sometimes. He gently reminds me lately – whispers in my ear “You are not asking – I want you to ask me!” Annie 🙂

  2. This was a really great reminder! Thanks! Shorter than usual. I enjoy your posts! I also looked at and liked your Facebook page and then tried to model my page after it. It’s new to me so thanks for the help!

    • Thank you, dear lady! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I am thankful to make great friends like you – the Lord blesses us more and more each day. Yes! Feel free to model anything after it that you wish. I can’t wait to see your page! Annie B 🙂

  3. Beautiful, and I agree, a great reminder. One of my most prayed words are “Lord, please take this.” It can be anything… A bad memory, an anxious moment, fear, or temptation. God already knows our hearts, and to call upon him to share these feelings brings Him glory, and to us the discovery that He has been waiting for us with open arms. God is love, because He defined it!

    • Oh good, I am so thankful you were blessed. YOu know, it is so true…He is constantly telling me that I am not asking….we can know it to the ends of the earth, but our little hearts forget. I am so thankful He understands us and loves us so very much! Annie 🙂

  4. Great post! It may seem hard to intermingle God with all our thoughts and actions during the day, but it’s not really a hard thing to do once you’ve made it a habit or, more importantly, realize that He’s real and He’s really there with you.

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