3 Years Down…An Eternity to Go

02-21-2010 -Took the Hand of Her Savior and Went Home

02-21-2010 -Took the Hand of Her Savior and   Went Home

What’s it like to live three years in heaven?

Oh my Dearie, Mama Dear….

Do you know what time is like anymore?

With your Perfect Savior, always near?


Is it bright and shining, always there?

More than we here might ever think?

Do all the colors look much different now?

Deeper hues of blue, green, and pink?


What’s it feel like now for you in heaven?

My Mama, I’ll bet you feel free…

Do you get updates from time to time..

About our lives, much… do you see?


Does He let you help to ready the places –

In His mansions, where we too, shall live?

We look for the day we will see your faces –

Yet here, there’s more time we must give.


I’ll bet one of the things He did in heaven…

Was to let you help the little children come home…

You always loved them all so much –

Just as if they were all your very own.


Dear Mama, what a gift to enjoy!

Things are finally as they were meant to be…

Three years without you has been hard –

Yet His comfort, He’s showered upon me.


Through grief, and loss I’ve drawn much closer..

Yet eternity still seems far away…

‘Cause here we do still know of time,

But we wait in joy for that blessed day.


We join with you to sing His praises –

Even though here, there is left much sin…

Three years down, an eternity to go…

We can’t wait to embrace you again.


What’s it like to spend three years in heaven?

Oh my Dearie, Mama Dear?

You’ll have to share your stories with me..

I cannot wait, every one of them, to hear.



10 thoughts on “3 Years Down…An Eternity to Go

  1. So well expressed! I also know the pain of separation. My mom went home on 12-26-03. My 9-yr old grandson 6-8-12. I often think what it must be like in heaven. It is our eternal hope! Thanks for sharing!

    • Aah…I am so sorry for the sadness you feel, I am sure. I know they are there, and you know what soothes me a lot when the grief hits? I go to google and just stare at all of the pretty pictures in google images of Jesus with children and people in heaven. So glad God gave us artists and photographers as another way He can minister His comfort and love to us! Be blessed, friend. 🙂

  2. Hi Annie! Here is a poem I wrote when my Mom went home to Heaven:

    For my Mom
    Who is now
    My guardian angel.

    She’s an Angel now,
    Roaming on earth
    And in Heaven above;
    Ever with us in our hearts,
    Never to forget her endless love.

    She’s an Angel now,
    All her worries and illness to cease;
    Therefore our sadness is uplifted,
    Bringing us comfort and peace.

    • Aaah, beautiful! Thank you sooo much for sharing this with me – I am so blessed by you! May your heart be comforted always, as I know we never really stop missing those mamas of ours! Annie 🙂

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