Whatz Hoppenin’?


Somethin’ got ya down today – can’t get into any rejoicing?

Don’t let it hoppen man – in Him, just keep on trusting.

Someone tellin’ ya otherwise, that you outta just go away?

Don’t let ’em do it to ya, hop over there as you pray.

Messages comin’ your way right now and sayin’ you’d better get real?

Hop to it and tell ’em all ’bout Jesus, g’head and do it with zeal!

Tempted to take a sidestep now, just mosey on outta there?

Keep on hopping down the narrow path, it’s full o’ His fresh air.

Thinkin’ bout taking a leap today to celebrate all you’ve done?

Remember who we’re jumping for; it’s Jesus, The Spotless One.

Feelin’ kind of green and icky, wondering if you’re all that?

Better to stay green in Jesus, than slither round like some dark cat.

Knowin’ ya got some work to do, somethin’ seem like it’s outta reach?

Remember who your faith is in, He will help you take that leap.

Think you’re just some ugly frog, full of buggy ol’ eyes and all?

Jump for joy for eyes that see, ’cause our God, He’s big, not small!

Keep Lookin' Up Froggies

Keep Lookin’ Up Froggies

“Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” Isaiah 26:4




8 thoughts on “Whatz Hoppenin’?

  1. you have been so sweet to me, thank you for all the likes. the Lord has had me doing this blog to show me some things, and i think the lesson is over. iยดm quite glad about it. but i wanted to thank you for your support. how kind you have been!

  2. This poem is exactly what I needed to hear today! Thank you so much for this uplifting message. I now have a smile on my face. God bless you – have a fabulous day!

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