So Glad



So glad He is love

So glad He reigns above

So glad He’s more loyal

So glad He’s the royal

So glad He loves better

So glad for His letter

So glad that He tames

So glad I’m not stained

So glad He creates

So glad for new slates

So glad that He chooses

So glad we aren’t losers

So glad He’s the father

So glad that I’m smaller

So glad that He came

So glad He heals lame

So glad He saves sin

So glad He lives within

So glad He’s so great

So glad it’s not too late

So glad He is risen

So glad He is living

So glad for the time

So glad that He’s mine

So glad He gave brothers

So glad He saved others

So glad He is love

So glad we’ll be above

So glad for His hope

So glad for cut ropes

So glad I am free

So glad He saved me

So glad He loves souls

So glad we, He holds

So glad He is all

So glad all in all

Hans via Pixabay

Hans via Pixabay


9 thoughts on “So Glad

  1. Hard to pick a favorite of yours…love all, especially your testimonies. But I can really connect with this one. Reminds me of that old song, “I’m so glad” Probably before your time but I grew up on music like that! Blessings and thanks!

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