Blue Skies

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I have to admit that I had a rough day. Actually, as I sit here and write to you, my friends, I realize that I am really just pretty bummed out. We all have times like that, don’t we? And it’s unpleasant, to say the least.

Ug. Sometimes feelings just get in the way, don’t they? I don’t like those silly old, pesky things when they aren’t fun and light, airy and joyful, energy-giving and edifying, do you?

And you know, we can have all the head and heart knowledge, faith, and belief possible as to how we should view stuff, but sometimes still –  our feelings just don’t match up with what we know to be true, good and right.


It’s hard to make it all jibe when we get that way. It’s easy to lose ourselves in those downtrodden and sad times. It’s tempting to lose sight of Jesus, and focus more upon self. Why IS that so tempting to us?

Oh yah….the enemy of darkness – how could I ever forget? The joy robber. The evil one. The one who is laughing right now out of one side of his malevolent mouth and growling out the other side because my Savior is onto him and is going to protect me and heal me. That evil one isn’t worth any more of my time today, or any other day. So, moving on……

I am reminded again, that I will always be in need, just as I said in my post yesterday. And today, that reminder and how I choose to put it into action (or not) is being tested….thankfully I have someone else’s power and strength to help me out, because I am not worthy of fighting that battle alone. I am far too weak by myself.

Photo via Microsoft Office-Message in a Bottle --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Photo via Microsoft Office-Message in a Bottle — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Although I don’t feel good, I am grateful for the down days like today when I look at the larger picture of it all – because it gives Jesus the opportunity to pull me back up and out of the dirt and show me even more of His greatness, glory and love! I like to see that – I like it a lot.

He does love us so very much, doesn’t He?

So I will look for the blue skies through the glass today in which my sadness sits – bottled up and cramping my mind and heart.  I can do so knowing that I am certainly not trapped here forever by any stretch of the imagination. For He is always there for me to focus upon, to rescue me, to give me His vision to see through even those murky and fuzzy times, through the feelings of it all, even when I sometimes have to squint a little.


My focus right now is on the cross, all He has done for me, and the fact that He understands what ugly feelings are…..and placing myself at His feet – pleading, praying, worshipping, and loving Him.  Maybe by tomorrow I will no longer be squinting – maybe I will actually be winking. I have hope.

I also hope and pray for any of you that are feeling a bit discouraged, or hurt, or just plain not all together today, that you can look through the lens of God’s word and His promises and His magnificent love and see what I see too.

Photo Credit NVTO via Microsoft Office

Photo Credit NVTO via     Microsoft      Office

if we look long enough, and we are faithful, our feelings will follow suit….they will jibe with Him and what we are and what we have in Him and through Him. I just know they will.

There is glory within that little bottle or bubble we happen to reside in today….and it is even more glorious on the outside. When I feel like I do today, I can hear the Lord telling me to focus on the outside of my feelings, my self….and look to the cross…..look to Him in the blue skies above.

Palm Tree Leaning over Beach Seychelles via Microsoft Office

Palm Tree Leaning over Beach Seychelles via Microsoft Office

“Let not your heart be troubled; Ye believe in God, believe also in me.” John 14:1



Certain images in this post used with permission from Microsoft Office


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