It’s in the micromoments of life where we see God show up in big ways.

Author: Bagande

Author: Bagande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blink of the Day ~ More!

In my little family, when someone says “I love you”, often the other person says back to them,  “I love you more.” I fail to see how anyone could love anybody else more than I love each of them, with the exception of their Father in heaven.

I am so very thankful for each one of these wonderful blessings – these dear souls that God has shared with me. I am so very grateful for all the love that He has given me in my heart for each of these wonderful four.  And I am deeply moved by the love for me that He has poured into each one of their hearts. I bask in it.

Love Ways

Love Ways (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I am thinking about how the little things – the thoughtful giving, small acts of service, a word, a hug, a touch or a joke – they all add up to the greater gifts of bonding and joy that having an earthly family can bring to one’s life. And over the last couple of weeks, each one of these four blessed ones have done specific little things for me to show their love for me, and I just thought I would share a few of them with you.

Daughter Love –

This girl loves her Lord and Savior so deep. His light shines in her eyes and just bursts out all around her. One day about a week or so ago, I woke up to find a very thoughtful array of little gifts from my girl. She’d arranged them so nicely for me and set them where I would see them right when I came out to the kitchen. I loved this sweet surprise!


She had remembered how badly I needed a new wallet and how picky I am about how the pockets are inside, and that it needs to be a neutral color with just a little bit of sparkle thrown in there to keep it interesting. I love my wallet!

She also picked out the sweetest card and wrote me the most loving and kind note – all by hand, which I LOVE!

I will treasure this memory and these photos that capture it forever. But as much as I love these caring little gifts…………………….

I love her MORE.

Son Love –

This young man loves God with all his heart. He is gifted with proclaiming the gospel in ways that are going to reach many, many souls throughout his lifetime! God is working in him in mighy ways. On the way to school the other morning, he and I were talking and he said, “Mom, you are sooo cool….you are cool with a k. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. I love this saying!

I could not stop laughing, and he proceeded to tell me that kids say this all the time. I don’t care. It’s my new mantra even if it’s old news for the younger generation. I love that my boy says I’m Kool with a K!

I will continue to ride around in my car saying “Kool with a K” –

Thank you for my new Kool thing to say buddy! I love it! But I as Kool with a K that is……….

I love him MORE.

Daughter Love Too –


Love ? I love love love you.

Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

This is my little baby…she’s not so little any more though. This child demonstrates the love of her Savior in ways that continually to stun and amaze me. She sprinkles blessings of kindness wherever she walks. She treats me like a queen and loves to do my hair. I love it when she brushes and plays with my hair.

This young lady is unbeleiveably talented in doing  hair and loves to make others feel beautiful and pampered. I love to check out all of  her masterpieces!


I am sure she will continue to make all the women in her life feel like a princess as she creates these wonderful styles! But as much as I love this pampering……….

I love her MORE.


Heart for love project

Heart for love project (Photo credit: cuorhome)







And last, but not least – Husband Love –


This is the man that started it all. In fact, he likes to take it to a whole new level by saying I love you the MOST. It is because of this wonderful man and His spiritual leadership in our family that we have all grown closer to our Savior. He is pure of heart, absolutely on fire for Jesus, hilarious with an H, and I love him to pieces!

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds (Photo credit:

The other day, I noticed all the little things he does for us – he really is so good at that. In fact, I can’t even touch the dishes now, as  he has a system all worked out on how he likes to efficiently load the dishwasher. I especially appreciate how he vacuumed not only the entire house, but also our closet!  You can even see the streaks it made –


I love that – freshly vacuumed carpet, don’t you? But as much as I love those streaks……….

I love him MORE.


Locket Heart

Locket Heart (Photo credit: goodwillstacy)

So today, I reflect on how wonderful it is to have family – family at home, family in community, family in friends, co-workers, and brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s all because of Him that we get to experience this wonderful emotion – He models it for us, we imitate Him, and we reap the benefits and blessings.

He loves us the best. And He loves us MOST.


Is there someone you want to tell today how very much you love them? Maybe you can wait until they say it first because then YOU can say……………

I love you MORE.

*** l*O*V*E** Shadows everything

*** l*O*V*E** Shadows everything (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is
love”1  Corinthians 13:13


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