To Infinity and Beyond!!!!

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“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

We truly have an awesome Creator, Father and Savior! There is so much robust inspiration to be found through these verses that the Lord God provides to us.

Some of the things He shows me about Himself today:

• God is Glorious and deserves ALL our praise!
• He is able – He is Mighty – He is limitless…….
• God’s spirit works within us – from the inside out.
• He will do more in our hearts and lives than we could ever imagine or even ask for!
• The Lord never changes.
• Our God and His glory endures forever.
• All this and more, He has done and will do throughout all generations.

I think that it brings God great joy to fulfill our dreams and desires and to be invited to work within us without limitation. It brings Him glory and honor as well, of which, ALL –  He deserves!

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I completely believe without reservation that God, the Almighty can do anything. But I think He takes the greatest delight in doing so by working from the inside out. I find that I often don’t give the Lord credit for what He WILL do within me and in my life. I don’t really understand it either, because I look back upon all that He HAS done, and I stand amazed. Truly, my Savior has performed uttter miracles in my life and those of my loved ones time and time again.

I realize that I am holding back from my Father when I don’t come to Him in the joyful expectation that He wants me to; to ask for Him to show me His wonders and power and to lead me to things that I previously thought to be impossibilities or far-fetched little “dreams” that just weren’t practical. Thankfully, He is “able” without me and can do more than I can even ask for or think. And mercifully, He does.

But I want to be a source of delight for my Father – I don’t want to forget to ask. It does a Father’s  heart good to have His children that He loves come to Him and ask for His blessings. It brings Him joy to know that I invite Him to make His glory and power manifest in my life, from within me, even though He can do it without need of my permission if he so desires.

Today I thank Jesus for reminding me that He wants for me to deepen my belief and my faith in Him –  and that I need to stop thinking in limited ways as to what He can do through “His mighty power that’s at work within me”. I plan to ask for Him to make His power burst forth from the inside out. Without limits.

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He makes “dreams” become blissful realities. He can and will accomplish new and wonderful things that defy “reality” as we know it.

To infinity!

And as far as beyond? I cannot wait to behold it.


Do you have a dream you have asked the Lord to fulfill in your life lately that you would like to share?


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