Riddly Riddly Ree

“Riddly Riddly Ree – I see something you don’t see…
And it’s…………………………BLUE!”

What a fun little childhood game we used to play! Our little family played this many, many times in our car…especially when we would drive to Kansas to see my mother.


Our girls loved the searching and guessing aspect of this game. It was fun for them to try to look around the car and find out what the blue thing was they needed to find. Whoever came up with this game is quite the genius!  Essentially, it’s hide and seek played out in sedentary places – and kids love it!

If after a certain time of guesswork, no one could find the blue thing that the person was thinking of, one could say “I give up.” Then, out of grace and kindness, the person who was “it” would tell what the mysterious item was all along, putting an end to the mystery and offering a bit of peace to the other game players.

Our son, (we mostly played this when they were all quite small) was famous for not enjoying the seeking part of this game at all. It was so cute when it was his turn and he’d simply say,

“Riddly Riddly Ree….I see something you don’t see………
And I………………GIVE UP!!!!”

 (It usually sounded a bit more like (“and eye geeeve uppp!”).


So cute! Everyone, including him, would laugh so hard. He felt this was just plenty of fun. No need to search and try to unravel some stupid mystery! Cut right to the chase, that was what he liked to do. Then we’d simply move back on to the girls and play on. And on, and on, and on the game would go!

cross eyed
In our spiritual lives, if we want to have a really true personal relationship with Jesus, giving up is just not an option though, is it? We are to seek Him with all we have, and in turn, He promises we shall find Him. There are so many things in our world that tempt us to (temporarily, at least) give up seeking His face and remaining in His presence.

cover eye

  • Is my car seat too comfortable?
  • Are there too many bright and shiny things to look at outside my window?
  • Do I have my own little discourse going on in my own head preventing me from being able to dedicate the time to search for something outside of myself?
  • Is there room for Jesus?
  • Am I blocking my vision by instead trying to get my brother’s cheerios away from him?


This isn’t just another cute quote – God tells it to us Himself in the Bible…………………..

“But rather, seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Luke 12:31 KJV

Jesus should take up the prime space in my life – He is THE priority. Everything else needs to just get right on out of the way. The Lord will then make room for the necessities, and the blessings that should be a part of my life.

 And yes, all of the above things I listed, and more –  I am guilty of…..sometimes simultaneously. Aaarggg!

God’s face is there for us to seek…His light, glory, love, wisdom, direction, and more are all readily available to us. And He wants for us to be active participants in our relationship with Him. He truly wants to be sought out by us.

And although this is far from a game,we will find ourselves having to search pretty hard at times. God has His reasons for that. But it doesn’t change what He has promised us – that He will not forsake us – and that He will be found by us if we are seeking Him.

“Riddly Riddly Ree –
Do you see what I can see?…..”

He is there for you too, and He wants you to see Him.

But just in case you are thinking about giving up…………………………..


We can seek Him together.

But from there you will seek the Lord your God and you will find him, if you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 4:29


**All images used courtesy of Pixabay royalty free images – no attribution necessary


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