Blink of the Day – Hug Luv


The micromoments in life are where we see God show up in big ways.

My son, Justin is a hugger down to his very core. He thrives on this kind of physical affection and LOVES to give it and to receive it as well. This is probably the primary way He likes to show his love outwardly in life.

Jessica, my oldest daughter, is very affectionate as well,yet has a different boundary and comfort level when it comes to hugging. Bear hugs, tight squeezes, and tickling are not her thing. A soft touch and a kind word are more than substantial ways of showing her some true and genuine affection.

Julia, my youngest, like my husband and myself, falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to physical displays of affection. She tends to go with the flow and accommodate to others when it comes to the hug love stuff. This little buffer provides a sweet balance in our family life.

Today, I got to stand back and watch God show up in the small moments again. These three siblings had a “hug teaching” session with one another, in which they found a way to teach one another how they prefer to give, and to receive hugs. It was such a blessing to be able to be here and watch them find ways to work God’s magic into their hug life while respecting one another’s preferences and boundaries too. I got to watch each of them defer to one another, listen, exchange information, and then “practice.” They each stepped a bit out of their own comfort zones and allowed God to help them compromise to make their hug life more enjoyable.

Who knew that hugging could be such a big thing?

The very fact these wonderful souls wanted to practice their new ways of hugging one another shows just how seriously they take this part of their relationship. They practiced it over and over again and it all ended in a group hug in which I could see that they truly enjoyed just being in one another’s presence. They all, for the most part, are young adults now – no longer small children without many boundaries to speak of – that begin to impede us as we grow older. The fact that they realize we all have barriers, but we are all called to still find ways to tear them down, and invite God to show up? Well, it just stuns me beyond belief and does my heart good.

I am so happy that these children of ours (they will always be our babies) want to continue to make hugging a part of their sibling life together. It not only displays love and affection, but trust and relinquishment of control.


Our Lord Almighty can be found there – in those spaces – He bridges all gaps and fills every nook and cranny. Even the ones that lie between us in the midst of hugs.

Today I got a glimpse of God in the midst of that hug love my children shared. I am so glad I was there to gaze upon it. I will hold that memory in the album of my heart forever.

A million little glimpses of God can keep Him in full view all the day long – all we have to do is look.

Won’t you share some hug love with someone today?



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