Quenched Vision


I sense a warm light and I know that it’s Him –
My eyes adjust, tell me to follow His path.
I trust the destination He’s leading me to
Moving forward, I decide “don’t look back.”

Illumination allows for much clarity
And less fear while commencing a journey.
Although still uncertain as to where He will take me
He’s always faithful; His promises, there are many.

His light always conjures up comfort for me
Of a rewarding, enlightening destination.
But through many trials that I may have to endure
Will be dark spots, before all comes to fruition.

So if I see darkness heading my way
Shall I pause and lose pace, or just go?
Plowing through black, seeking light, He will lead me;
Into His arms, that blessed place that I know.

Dark days then, have purpose, just like light ones do –
For through darkness I learn how to see…
In a much different way than just with my eyes
Through His vision, He makes a whole me.

And I’ll love that new vision I can have without eyes –
Become sharper, more aware, thanks to Him.
And that loving reward of His, it’s within grasp,
As I continue onward, each day, sight won’t dim.

Yes there’s much to say for the light and the dark
It uncovers perspective, a gift and reward –
And pulls from within us a strength long forgotten
Deep inside; His grace and power is stored.

Saved up, for times like today, times like these –
For us to draw from; reserves, just like water…
That men in the desert thirst for and need,
Replenished with Him, we become all the stronger.

So I choose to embrace each day; all my vision –
Whether full of light or just bits seeping through.
And I’ll look deep within for His strength that is there
He is my sight, He’s my light, He is truth.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life John 8:12 NIV


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