True Sight

This life and eternity, well they’re not one in the same.
And what’s in-between, really doesn’t have a name.
We walk around, in the light, yet it’s dark
And think we know truth, but we’re not that smart.

We think we know much, it’s a common confusion
But what we do know can just stink of illusion.
I can look in a mirror and think that I see
A reflection of Christ, but it’s really just me.

Just what does this show us? It shows little at all!
And what we think’s big could really be small.
And why do we think with just our eyes we can see,
All of the truth of just how “life” could be?

Sometimes I just think that if we were all blind
We’d then look to our hearts and not just our minds –
And discern what is real and find truth in this place
And know of God’s love as we come face-to-face.

For this in-between, well, it doesn’t matter most.
It’s just a short stop before we meet the Heavenly Host.
And that’s if we decide to make our own choice
To live in His love, and listen closely for His voice.

It guides us to walk strong, instead of just wander.
It helps us have purpose, our time we won’t squander.
And reside in the joy that only He, Christ can bring –
Inside of our hearts His clear voice, it will sing!

Then when I look in that mirror, I may get to truly see
To realize fully that He is living there, not me.
HE needs to shine through, emanate HIS true reflection,
Now my in-between can be marked by HIS heavenly direction.

To see Him with clear eyes, no longer be bleary!
And await heavenly communion while helping those weary.
Anticipating new life where we really do know –
All of the things that our Savior, Lord Jesus can show.

No longer just reflection, but a clear and present face,
It shines all around us, we’re forever in His grace!
And this short stop in life that we had while being here,
Just served to move us onward, and eternity, it is near.

So common confusion, well it’s just not for me.
I want what’s real truth, and to have clarity.
I want to walk fully within Christ’s real and eternal light.
I desire for only Jesus to offer me HIS true sight.


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