Seeing with all our Senses



Today I begin my journey into the world of blogging with a heart filled with anticipation and trepidation all at the same time. The Lord has really put it on my heart to reach out to others by sharing some of the wonderful things He has done in my life, my family, and how He has enriched us all as human beings. This has come about through many experiences that have been joyful, painful, difficult, enlightening ~ the good, the bad and the ugly ~ it’s all there! We are blessed. We are definitely blessed. And we look forward to continuing to experience God’s love and lessons for us in the many days to come.

In thinking about the majority of what it is that I wish to share over time, I realize that almost all of it falls under one common denominator: That is the importance of seeking God’s truth in our lives through everything we undergo and within everything for which we strive.

Sometimes, if we rely solely on our eyes to see truth in our world, we fail to ever really “see” anything of value at all. It is impossible to think that we can seek what is real only by relying upon one physical sense. To be truly aware, we  must employ much more than this – we have to reach deep within ourselves and do frequent heart checks, as well as look outside of ourselves towards the Lord for strength in order to find all that we can to help us seek His truth.

But so often, if we dig down really deep, the reality is that maybe we just don’t truly want to see the whole truth about things. I know that if I am truly honest with myself, I find that I like to live in that comfortable little bubble I have created and live in a large majority of the time – ’cause it feels nice and warm and soft – it just feels good. Yet I feel I have a responsibility to burst that bubble if it means it will help me to walk in God’s truth. So what my flesh wants definitely isn’t always what’s comfortable or even right – of this I am quite certain.

Our bubbles are made up of the truths that are convenient or comfortable for us wherever we happen to be in life right now. Yes, occasionally we will allow possibly one small thing to enter that is a bit awkward or daunting, but it’s usually something that doesn’t pollute the amniotic waters of said bubble too terribly much. But it’s time to rock the boat.

I, as much as anybody, want to be comfortable. I don’t like change, I don’t enjoy heart ache, pain or sorrow, and I certainly don’t like not feeling in control (yes, I do have control issues, my friends!). But what I want more than anything now in my life – what God has really inspired me about, is to walk in His truth. And to do that, I realize that discomfort is going to become a large part of my “real” world from this day forward.

But make no mistake, I fully realize that this will take courage, and a type of courage I do not possess on my own. We have to be brave to commit to seeing with all of our senses. And by doing so, we will see some very scary things. To be sure, it will open our eyes to the whole of truth if we ask God to bless us in seeking it. But it’s important to realize that in seeking truth – the absolute whole of it – we will see some things, experience some things, that just aren’t “feel goods.”  Kinda goes against the grain of what our world values, don’t you think? But I truly believe the blessings in that far outweigh the heartache and discomfort. And I want to be like Jesus – and He was not a fan of going with the ways of this world – comfort or not!

As I ponder this today, I am reminded that God promises that He will provide all the courage and support that we need in anything that we do as long as we rely upon HIM, HIS strength, and HIS supernatural and almighty power. If we rely solely upon ourselves (hello, control issues once again!) we are doomed to fail. And we are pretty certain to return right back to that comfortable little bubble. He tells us in his word just what we can count upon when we rely upon him to carry us through:

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but (He has given us a spirit) of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control. 2 Tim 1:7 (AMP)

For those of you who wish to join me in this endeavor, may God bless you abundantly for wanting to see His truth with all of your senses. May He keep us strong and build us up so we can bring greater glory to His kingdom as we share those truths with one another. May the “bursting of the bubble” be a time of great celebration and joy as we emerge as newborns from the warm and comfortable womb into a whole new world….a world laced with the beauty of our Father in heaven, a world seen through the eyes of the Mighty and Great “I Am”.

I am ready to see it all – and He will reveal it to me in His perfect timing – as long as I open far more than my eyes.


5 thoughts on “Seeing with all our Senses

  1. Here’s to another chapter of wonder in your life! Thank you for always, and I do mean always being an inspiring person in my life. Loves to you and yours Annie.

    • Thank you my dear Col! I am very excited and hope that there are some out there in our crazy world who want to listen. You inspire me and many others as well, my friend. 🙂

  2. Hi Annie, well said!!! Thank you for sending me the link. I was blessed to read what Jesus has put on your heart and mind. I see the little box at the bottom of this page that says “Notify me of follow-up comments via email”….. but it sounds like that won’t connect me to your blog, that will just notify me when others have commented.
    Still looking for that “connector”……..

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